Dana to sing for John Bucchino Masterclass

John Bucchino, award-winning Broadway composer and recording artist, has been hailed by the New York Times as possessing a singular voice with absolute integrity of expression--what better coach to sing for! I'm very pleased I was able to gain a performer slot in the Dec 10 masterclass, and will be presenting a song from his body of work for his review and retooling. I'm very excited! Special thanks to Alexander Sage Oyen, who shared online the availability of the class!

Dana Aber speaks to the Pantsuit Party

On Nov 8, the anniversary of the election that stunned the country, THML Theatre Company hosted the Pantsuit Party: an event to connect female creatives and business owners together to bolster support, share war stories, and strategize how to survive and thrive in the current sociopolitical culture. I was asked to speak to this gathering. Here is a video of my speech to this gathering of movers and shakers, of survivors and hustlers, of strong womyn. Dana Aber, muse & collaborator, spoke to being a woman in the business of theatre, maintaining ownership over creation, and how to keep on marching up the heels.

Dana Aber, a fierce & funny femme fatale, the glamour girl next door