Dana sharing new song collaboration at the Factory Salon

Here we go again...! Another song collaboration from the in-development soloshow, going up as part of the final Musical Theatre Factory Industry Salon evening. Starting at 730pm, new writers (including Dana!!) will be sharing works-in-progress songs in an effort to get it out there and connect with other creators. Dana is nervous. Click here for event info.

Dana costars in new play by Maggie Larkin

Part of the "The Binds We Maneuver" new work festival, hosted by the Lemon & Ginger podcast, this 1-act play was live-streamed, so her parents got to see Dana as a Bway diva navigating a complicated relationship with a fangirl whose interest goes beyond platonic... Congrats, Maggie, on your first play!! You too can find this work online, through the video section of Lemon & Ginger Podcast Facebook page.

Dana Aber, a fierce & funny femme fatale, the glamour girl next door