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Dana's Reels, Videos, & Demos

Dana Aber's reels, videos, and demos: Dana Aber is a theatre actor - writer - educator in New York: a creative collaborator & producer, a warm & relatable host, a solo performer writer, youth coach, and a trusted voice in the room for developmental projects.

She's the glamour girl next door who gets it done.


Dana has performance videos from many venues in a multitude of styles.

She is available for studio work for independant projects. Don't miss her sketch reel, comprised of clips form her Quarantined Waitress web series!  

Dana sings Broadway

Dana sings Soul


Dana Aber commercial  for Honey Pot Co. 


Dana Aber's sketch reel

from The Quarantined Waitress


Dana sings Pop


Dana is passionate about the creation and development of new musical theatre.  

Dana sings New Work


Dana's Recording Demos                       
Theatre Song Demos
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