Hailed as ‘deeply moving’ with ‘infectious original songs,’ Dana Aber's musical solo show Baggage at the Dooris a ‘disarmingly charming’ look at healing from trauma.  Incorporating video games, humor, and video projections, this quirky and candid piece explores her attempts to break the PTSD trauma cycle and find courage to unpack her baggage and claim a better life. 


Baggage at the Door is a wry peek inside the head of a seemingly well-adjusted trauma-queen— it marks the end (she strongly hopes) of a 7-year PTSD cycle of destruction and reconstruction.  


With music written in collaboration with award-winning emerging composers, Baggage at the Dooris an autobiographical solo show addressing the critical moment when a trauma survivor realizes she may no longer be able to simply cope;

  when falling in love triggers her latent PTSD, 

                 she might be f*cked.  


TW: trauma  


TW: humor

TW: Angry Birds

Dana Aber, a fierce & funny femme fatale, the glamour girl next door