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New musical, The Bet - Midtown Theatre Fest

Coming up: Dana stars in new 2-person musical, The Bet - Midtown Theatre Fest this July

After almost 2 years of work and development, The Bet will have it's first public presentation the end of July in the Midtown International Theatre Festival!

Dana has been connected to this project since very early on, and is very pleased to be entrusted with the role of Diana, the serious angel with a soft spot for humans.

Also featuring the charming Spencer Plachy, this beautiful show offers incredible

music by David Wolfson and book by Tony Sportiello, with a story that grapples with the balance between good and evil, and the subsequent costs of creation.


Wed July 26 at 6 Fri July 28 at 7:15 Sat July 29 at 4

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