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Dana joins THML's Pantsuit Party Nov 8

Pantsuit Party Nov 8

Delighted to be a featured speaker at THML Theatre Co.'s upcoming Pantsuit Party on Nov 8. Join me and other progressive artists & creators, and let's create new works to shake the world.

THML Theatre Company is hosting an evening of networking and empowerment for female business owners and female artists to come together one year after the election - there is power in the pantsuit! The Pantsuit Party is designed to be a time of networking, encouragement, political engagement, and conversation about the arts and civic duty. This evening is a chance to facilitate important discussions between women of different professions and areas of expertise about how we can empower one another as women in business and the arts, as well as how we can engage our community and affect government change through our chosen professions. Drinks and refreshments provided. Tickets are $6 through Splash- $8 tickets at the door.

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