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Dana joins the Green Lama radioplay!

The Green Lama is Jethro Dumont, the worlds’ first Buddhist pulp hero created by Kendell Foster Crossen in 1940 for the Double Detective magazine. Dumont’s an incredibly profound—and very human—figure, driven forward by a faith he constantly defies. He also has the most interesting supporting cast, from Montana gunslinger Jean Farrell, to actor Ken Clayton, to New York Police Lieutenant John Caraway, all of whom have proven to be both as heroic and imperfect, as the Lama himself. 

The new Green Lama radio play series is written by Dana's dear friend, Adam Lance Garcia, and is still in production.

Adam Lance Garcia, one of the youngest New Pulp writers, exploded onto the scene in 2009 with his first novella Green Lama: Horror in Clay. Written as a gift for his father, Horror in Clay was nominated for Best Short Story in the 2009 Pulp Factory Awards. Adam's follow up novel, Green Lama: Unbound, took away two 2010 Pulp Factory Awards: Best Novel of the Year and Best Interior Art (thanks to the artwork of his frequent collaborator, Mike Fyles).


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