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Mainstage reading at AMT Off-Bway of Baggage at the Door!

Big Thunder Productions is proud to present a reading of the new MainStage draft of Baggage at the Door at AMT Theater, Off-Broadway's newest professional house on 45th Street & 9th. The presentation will be Tuesday March 14th at 7pm. Admission is free (sponsored by AMT's New Play Development directive) and reservations are required. RSVP to, or use the QR for the reservation link.

4 consecutive Januaries, 4 near-death experiences… When falling in love triggers her lurking PTSD, she might be f*#%ed.

Baggage at the Door, a one-woman musical by Dana Aber.

See full collaborator list at

Join us as we offer the newest draft of this stunning story of one woman's battle against her invisible monsters as she wages war against her invisible monsters (and herself) in an effort to unpack her trauma and find the opportunity for joy.


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