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New soloshow, FINAL BLOW, shaping up!

Dana has been working on a new soloshow, entitled FINAL BLOW, about the boundaries within (and after) friendships. She shared half of the new draft within her weekly Socially Isolated Script Readings group, and recieved a huge amount of praise and support. PHEW!

It's remarkable to note that the earliest draft of this show was accepted into the New York Theater Festival this past January---due to COVID19, the festival date is now slated for early February.

And stay tuned for more FINAL BLOW!!

"In FINAL BLOW, one woman wonders whether the big bad wolf was really bad, or just had boundaries. As the Bride flails against the clock to rehearse her one-woman show, she also must wrestle with honoring her past through her upcoming-wedding’s tricky guest list. When one friend’s reluctance to be a bridesmaid throws open the vault to all her previous failed friendships, she begins to question the validity of all her former-besties and wonders where—or if—she went wrong. Sorting through the straw, sticks, and bricks of it all, she questions the cultural blame on boundary-setting, and wonders if the fairy tale got it all wrong."


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