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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf!

Dana's newest soloshow, FINAL BLOW, will make its festival debut in November as part of New York Theater Festival's Winterfest with three performances: Wednesday Nov. 10 at 4pm, Friday Nov. 12 at 630pm, and Sunday Nov. 14 at 1pm.

As the bride flails against the clock to rehearse her one-woman show, she also must wrestle with her upcoming wedding’s tricky guest list and the need to honor those with a part in her past and present. When one friend’s reluctance to be a bridesmaid throws open the vault of so many previous failed friendships, she begins to question the validity of her former bestie relationships, and wonders where - or if - she went wrong. Sorting through the straw, sticks, and bricks used to build those friendships, she questions the the impact of cultural blame on boundary-setting, and wonders if the fairy tale got it all wrong.

Don't miss this one-woman whirlwind onstage at the Teatro LATEA, 107 Suffolk St. in NYC's Lower East Side! Click here for tickets to FINAL BLOW.

Wednesday Nov. 10 at 4pm

Friday Nov. 12 at 630pm

Sunday Nov. 14 at 1pm


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