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Women in the Wings at 54 Below

Dana is delighted to be back down at 54 Below for Women in the Wings: Volume 5, a celebration of female musical theater writers. Dana reunited with her dear friend and frequent collaborator Amy Engelhardt, singing "If One is Good" from her musical A Collectible Sensation, written with Arianna Rose. "If One is Good" features the story of Dr. Claribel Cone, regarded to be the world's first private arts collector (and well-known hoarder). Dana is joined by Jordan Eagle and Michaela Tramuta, with music direction by Nissa Kahle.

From producer Megan Minutillo:

Women in the Wings an evening of new work and classic favorites. You’ll hear songs that make you laugh, songs that make you cry, and songs that make you think differently about the world around you… all created by women who have made their mark on musical theatre. Music direction by Nissa Kahle (@missniss). Special thanks to videographer Kayleen Bertrand (@kayleenmariemedia).


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