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Dana Aber, Voice Over Artist

confident versatile warmth

Dana Aber voice over work: Dana Aber is a theatre actor - writer - educator in New York: a creative collaborator & producer, a warm & relatable host, a solo performer writer, youth coach, and a trusted voice in the room for developmental projects. She's the glamour girl next door who gets it done.


My versatile narration offers a confident and intelligent impact for commercial branding, and a warm relatable tone for educational and explainer videos.  I’ve crafted copy for radio spots, recorded guest spots for podcasts, and been featured as austere historical characters, intense radioplay antagonists, & magical energetic heroines.

Having in-home access to a professional voiceover booth and high-end Sennheiser microphone means I can record commercials, explainer videos, and radioplays with very quick turn-around time. Since I'm a writer with good copy-editing skills, I’ve also finessed copy for companies in the moment. 

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affiliated with JDT VoiceOver Services 

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