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Virtual Assistance

Being a successful grassroots producer requires clear communication and results-oriented action.

Over the past 7 years, Dana Aber-Torres has navigated

her Big Thunder Productions company into 3 different states’ major audience markets through well-researched planning and creative outreach. During the pandemic, she expanded the company's focus to include event management and wedding coordination.

Her business experience is also put to use as a virtual assistant for other creative business ventures, utlizing project management skills, digital marketing, and video production.  

Dana is currently rolling out a digital rebrand, creating content, and handling social media management for midtown stalwart Arriba Arriba on 51st St. and 9th Ave.


Check out her latest work for

Arriba Arriba's Instagram HERE

How can she help elevate your business? 

o Strong communication skills in person, over the phone, across media
o Inception-to-presentation producer, including video/audio production

o Marketing experience including cross-platform design/branding 

o Energized by interdepartmental creative processes
o Experience managing creative output of 40+ vendors per project 

o Flexible collaborative style with other creative & corporate personalities
o Unflappable under pressure

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