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Tickets released for Tumbleweed at DixonPlace!

TUMBLEWEED: an American Family drama exploring beauty standards both in and out of the black community, a mixed race family, coming of age, interracial marriage and parenting, relationships, women's identity and the visibility of black men in the family dynamic.

Following an interracial family living in the Morningside Park area of New York’s Upper West Side over the course of a weekend; TUMBLEWEED is an American Family drama about a young girl named Willow whose off-putting natural hair combined with both her family’s open acceptance of it and lack of maintenance, causes controversy in the household. Tensions stir even more so when they get a visit from the patriarch’s no-nonsense mother, a former affiliate of the Black Panther party. THE SH*T'S GONNA HIT THE FAN. BE THERE!

August 24, 25, 26

$18 tickets

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