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Recording Baggage EP!

Dana's dear friend Amy Burgess got her into the recording studio to capture 5 songs from the Baggage at the Door show! Amy Burgess, a brilliant sound engineer, is also one of the collaborative composers on one of the catchiest tunes from the show--Dana is beyond grateful for her artistic fabulously and her technical generosity.

The next two show are coming up on Sunday Oct 14 at 8pm and Monday Oct 29 at 9:30pm, both at The PIT Loft theatre, 154 W 29th St (b/t 6th & 7th). Click HERE for tickets.

After the feedback from the Dixon Place workshop, and this round at the PIT Loft, Big Thunder Productions is aiming to submit "Baggage at the Door" to festivals and theatre houses around the country who might enjoy a 1-performer show with minimal set and very low production costs. Send us a note if you are connected to one of them!

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